Monday, January 16, 2012

Musings in Wait

A thousand fond hellos, my dear, delicious friends!

I'm afraid not much has happened since my last note.  I did finally return to London, after a fascinating, if harrowing, journey across the Unterzee.   I gathered a fair amount of invaluable data, but my...employers have yet to show themselves.

I have noted a rather alarming increase in Nightmares of late.  Specifically, the dreams all involve the word "NORTH."  I find this more than a little disturbing, and yet, there's something about those dreams.  Something important.  Maybe even vital.  What secrets are held locked in the Pandora's box of the Dream Realm?

Perhaps we'll find out soon.

Monday, January 9, 2012

A Scientific Expedition in Exile

Well, hello again my extraordinary friends!

So, to catch everyone up (as I hear they say in the colonies.  What a curious place that must be!), I've recently been....evicted....from my residence at the Shuttered Palace.  And by "evicted" I mean "forced into exile to avoid be torn limb from limb by the Empress."  It would appear that she was not at all fond of my last work-a full opera based on the Correspondence.  I will say that our illustrious ruler seemed a bit inflamed by the passions of the piece.  She fared better than several of the players and nobles, who were "inflamed" in a much more literal sense.

Shortly after my hasty retreat from the stage, the Veteran Privy bundled me away to the Docks, to await a ship which would take me to the Carnelian Coast.  It seems she must have run afoul of the Unterzee, for the ship never arrived.  After a fair few hours of waiting, huddled under a nearby tarp, I gave up waiting.  Instead, I managed to wrest an invitation to the Dilmun Club-yes the Dilmun Club-from a certain sour-faced servant of His Amused Lordship.  Who then (in a very out-of-character serious moment) asked me to prove my worth to the members of the Club by mounting a scientific expedition to various islands across the Unterzee.

Not being one to back down from such a challenge, I gathered supplies and my crew, and departed London on board the Serendipity of the Spheres (my rather luxurious yacht), and made my way to zee.

What I hoped would be a quiet, pleasant trip turned out to be less than peaceful, as a certain Dr. Orthos managed to follow me to each of my stops!  Thankfully, I managed to gather a rather immense sum of data from each location before having to scurry away.

And that is it, dear friends.  I'm sitting in my cabin as I right this, on the way back to Wolfside Docks.  I hope the Club is pleased with this research!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Courting the Court

Ah, hello again, delicious friends!

So, after my brief stay in New Newgate (really, I'm beginning to think that throwing me in and letting me back out is just a game to the constables!) I made my way to the Shuttered Palace.  Yes my dears, you heard that correctly.  Not only that, but thanks to a certain...connection to the Duchess, I managed to gain access to the Court Itself.  Yes, I have spend the last several days in the company of the nobles, and the Empress Herself!

What's more, they have commissioned various works from me.  You might have heard of my recent drama, a slapstick comedy called The Wart-Bottomed Bishop?  A marvelous success, if I do say so myself.  A faint giggle was even heard, coming from the Royal Box.  And it seems my Ballet entertained other members of the court.   My symphony, on the other hand, was not such a success.  The Correspondence does not play well with music, it seems.  Indeed, we barely made it through the second movement before the audience rose up en masse to shatter the instruments-not to mention the damage done to my poor players!  Alas, I fear that work will not be played again.

Strangely, the Empress seemed to rather take to the thing, despite her rather well-known dislike for music.  Odder still, she seemed as though she recognized the tune-though I had made it up entirely on my own!  Preposterous, no?  Still, it does make one wonder-exactly what is the Correspondence?  And how much of it do we control?  Or, much does it control us?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Got them New Newgate blues.

Oh dear. I'm back already. It seems our fair city's finest are catching on to my tricks! 

However, it's not too bad. The gaolers are quite amicable, which is no surprise after the number of times I've been here!  Best, they are letting me keep this marvelous little communications device!

Ah, it sounds like my retainer has arrived.  More to come after the meeting.

Monday, December 26, 2011

A Fallen Dossier

Name: Mr. Proto Omega

Location:  A Handsome Townhouse-graceful, well-appointed, with a respectable address and a number of wide, airy rooms.

Age:  26

Gender:  Male

Eyes:  dark blue/black

Hair: Dark blond

Appearance:  Medium height, with a stocky, solid build

Personality:  Omega is a quiet sort.  He prefers books to bars or pubs. An avid academic, he has engaged in heavy research of the Correspondence.  This quiet nature and a kind smile have melted the hearts of more than one person in the 'Neath, and there aren't many who will tell him "No."

Don't, however, let his soft spoken nature deceive you.  He is well versed in several different ways of fighting, and never ventures out without his trusty brass knuckles and shiv.  He has been known to take out gangs of would-be assassins in just a few short minutes.  Most impressively, there are rumors that he has actually permanently killed a citizen of the 'Neath.

Above all, Omega is a lover of secrets.  He spends countless hours amassing hidden knowledge, from the idle gossip of his fellow Londoners to the deepest terrors of the Masters themselves.  Nothing in the Neath can remain hidden from his Watchful eye.

Finally, Omega is known to be a friend to the Rubbery Men and the Tomb-Colonists, having ventured several times to both Flute Street and the Tomb Colonies.  What he's doing there, or what he is looking for, remains unknown at this time.