Monday, January 9, 2012

A Scientific Expedition in Exile

Well, hello again my extraordinary friends!

So, to catch everyone up (as I hear they say in the colonies.  What a curious place that must be!), I've recently been....evicted....from my residence at the Shuttered Palace.  And by "evicted" I mean "forced into exile to avoid be torn limb from limb by the Empress."  It would appear that she was not at all fond of my last work-a full opera based on the Correspondence.  I will say that our illustrious ruler seemed a bit inflamed by the passions of the piece.  She fared better than several of the players and nobles, who were "inflamed" in a much more literal sense.

Shortly after my hasty retreat from the stage, the Veteran Privy bundled me away to the Docks, to await a ship which would take me to the Carnelian Coast.  It seems she must have run afoul of the Unterzee, for the ship never arrived.  After a fair few hours of waiting, huddled under a nearby tarp, I gave up waiting.  Instead, I managed to wrest an invitation to the Dilmun Club-yes the Dilmun Club-from a certain sour-faced servant of His Amused Lordship.  Who then (in a very out-of-character serious moment) asked me to prove my worth to the members of the Club by mounting a scientific expedition to various islands across the Unterzee.

Not being one to back down from such a challenge, I gathered supplies and my crew, and departed London on board the Serendipity of the Spheres (my rather luxurious yacht), and made my way to zee.

What I hoped would be a quiet, pleasant trip turned out to be less than peaceful, as a certain Dr. Orthos managed to follow me to each of my stops!  Thankfully, I managed to gather a rather immense sum of data from each location before having to scurry away.

And that is it, dear friends.  I'm sitting in my cabin as I right this, on the way back to Wolfside Docks.  I hope the Club is pleased with this research!

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