Monday, December 26, 2011

A Fallen Dossier

Name: Mr. Proto Omega

Location:  A Handsome Townhouse-graceful, well-appointed, with a respectable address and a number of wide, airy rooms.

Age:  26

Gender:  Male

Eyes:  dark blue/black

Hair: Dark blond

Appearance:  Medium height, with a stocky, solid build

Personality:  Omega is a quiet sort.  He prefers books to bars or pubs. An avid academic, he has engaged in heavy research of the Correspondence.  This quiet nature and a kind smile have melted the hearts of more than one person in the 'Neath, and there aren't many who will tell him "No."

Don't, however, let his soft spoken nature deceive you.  He is well versed in several different ways of fighting, and never ventures out without his trusty brass knuckles and shiv.  He has been known to take out gangs of would-be assassins in just a few short minutes.  Most impressively, there are rumors that he has actually permanently killed a citizen of the 'Neath.

Above all, Omega is a lover of secrets.  He spends countless hours amassing hidden knowledge, from the idle gossip of his fellow Londoners to the deepest terrors of the Masters themselves.  Nothing in the Neath can remain hidden from his Watchful eye.

Finally, Omega is known to be a friend to the Rubbery Men and the Tomb-Colonists, having ventured several times to both Flute Street and the Tomb Colonies.  What he's doing there, or what he is looking for, remains unknown at this time.

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  1. Greeting, delicious friends! I am the individual mentioned above, the industrious, illustrious Mr. Proto Omega.

    I do so look forward to getting to know everyone. Perhaps we can share a pot of tea and a handful of secrets, eh?

    In the meantime, I can be found among the birdsong as @FallenOmega, should any of you wish to follow my Neathy ventures.

    Good day all, and may your travels be safe from brigands and spider-councils!